Friday, February 25, 2011

All these places and he can't find money to support us? Really?

Hi again. So I did some research on my dad and found some places my Dad plays. Mind you he claims he has no money. Yeahh. Right… Here's the list:

The Compound Grill - Phoenix
Bobby C’s - Phoenix
Spitfire Grill & Tavern - Tempe
Javinos - Scottsdale
The Office Bar & Grill - Scottsdale
The Scottsdale Plaza Resort - Scottsdale
Kokopelli Winery & Bistro - Chandler
Warren’s Jazz Bistro - Chandler
The Lost Leaf - Phoenix
Cartwright’s - Cave Creek
Tonto Bar & Grill - Cave Creek
Cody’s - Cave Creek
Sacred Grounds Jazz - Scottsdale
The Paisley Violin - Phoenix

Cave Creek Balloon Festival - Cave Creek
TASTE Glendale Culinary Festival - Glendale
Chandler Jazz Festival - Chandler
2011 Walk to End Alzheimer’s - Sun City

I find it hard to believe he can't pay us any child support with all these places he plays.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hi. I'm Cipriana. Joe's daughter, which he forgot he has…

My first post. Hm. I don't know exactly where to start I guess. Well. I guess a background-ish kid of post is appropriate. I'm 16. I am the daughter of Joe Costello. He lives in Scottsdale. Arizona. He was actully born in Kingston, New York which is contrary to his claim he is from NYC. He hasn't payed Child Support he owes since before I can remember. He owes around $100,000 to myself and my little brother. Speaking of my little brother. His name is Joe. Joseph Peter Costello IV is his full name. He's a drummer as well. My dad promised to get him lessons. Of course, we haven't seen that yet. However, my brother is a natural drummer. He'll be much better than my father with practice. So let's see. What else can I tell you about my father? Oh. I've got it. He never called us this Christmas. Never even emailed my Mom to see what he could get us. He also never called me on my Sweet Sixteen Birthday. And you people think he's such a great guy huh? Well I hate to burst your little fantasy bubble but he's not so perfect. Well. I'll write more soon. Happy reading.

Cip Costello.